Factory Cart

This is a factory cart that I made for my in-laws as a Christmas present. The wood is some kind of Pine or Fir that came from 3 shipping pallets. I made it with the idea they would use it outside as a decoration on there ranch. To my surprise they liked it so much that they are using it as a coffee table. Needless to say I was totally stoked.

I used three different finishes on this. I started with a coat of shellac to seal the wood and prevent the stain from blotching. I followed with a coat of stain and then finished with an oil based semi gloss polyurethane.

I found the copper tiles that I inlaid into the sides at Copper Sinks Direct .

Loft Bed

I made this loft bed for my son. It started with 8 sheets of 3/4″ Birch Plywood. I ripped them down into pieces using my Makita Plunge Circular saw and rail guide. A very nice tool for breaking plywood down to smaller pieces and much safer than trying to manhandle a full sheet of plywood through the tablesaw. I used a water based Polyurethane semi-gloss finish.



This is a clock I made for my Mom as a Christmas gift.  I found this plan with the hardware at Klockit.com.  It’s made out of Pine and has a antique oak finish.


I made this clock for my this clock for my friends Glenn and Michele as a wedding present. It is made from Knotty Pine and has an Antique Cherry finish. I also made a custom face for this clock with their names and wedding date on it.

I made this wall clock for my in-laws. I got the plan for this out of Woodsmith magazine. They are into horses so I made a custom face with the name of their ranch on it and a bucking horse. It is made from Red Oak with a clear poly finish.

Woodbench Cabinet

This is a cabinet I built to go under my Diefenbach Bench. I made it out of Maple and Walnut and used this to try out a couple of different joint types. Unfortunately I did not take any photos of this case after the clear finish was applied and the drawer hardware installed.


This is the dresser that I did to go with the nightstands. This case actually ended up going to one of our neighbors. She moved into a new house and it fit perfectly into a nook so we gave it to her.

Shot Glass Display Case

My neighbor has a huge collection of shot glasses from around the country. He asked me to build him a display case so that he could show them off. I designed it specifically to fit his collection but am going to have to build him another on because he still has more to display.

Oak Bookcase

This is an oak bookcase that I am making for a friend of mine at work. He is a collector and wanted a nice bookcase to keep his some of his books on. The bookcase is 45″ tall by 35 1/2″ wide.

Coffee Table

This is a coffee table that I made for a friend of mine. It is made of pine with a cherry stain. The drawers are full length and open from either side. The pulls are off the shelf that the client chose.


Pine Nightstand

This is one of a set of nightstands that I made for our house. They are made of Pine with an Antique Oak finish. This is the first piece of furniture I ever made.

It all started with this

This is where it all started. I found the plan for this clock in an issue of Woodsmith Magazine and decided to give it a shot. I ended up making 4 of these clocks and giving them away as gifts.